A caring family business dedicated to conduct funerals with respect and dignity

Questions Asked

24 hour caring service. To make funeral arrangements contact John
Tel. 020 8363 4450

All other inquiries please email

What if someone dies at home suddenly?
Contact 999 for an ambulance.

What if someone dies at a residential address with a pre existing condition?
Their personal doctor will need to be contacted to certify death.

Can the deceased be collected from a residential address?
Yes, but this is not for the simple low cost option.

How much extra would it cost for the deceased to be collected from a residential address?
200 pounds

Can we come and see our loved one in the chapel of rest?
Yes, but this is not included in the low cost price

Do you provide full funeral facilities?
Yes, but this is not for the simple low cost option.

How do you keep the charges so low for this service?
We keep it simple.

What is the procedure for a cremation?
Forms have to be completed and we will assist you in the process. The cremation is conducted in private. The date and place of cremation is subject to availability and workload.

How soon are the ashes available?
They are usually available with in 48 hours. Ashes are usually strewn at the crematorium or collected by you, if you require the ashes to be sent to you by next day courier service this will be an optional cost of 100 pounds.

Can you provide a traditional funeral?
yes, of course but the service we are offering here is a low cost funeral service. If you require a more traditional funeral of course we can help you but it will cost more.

How do I make payment?
Payment can be made by cheque, Debit card, bank transfer or cash.

What areas do we cover?
We cover the central and outer London areas.