A caring family business dedicated to conduct funerals with respect and dignity

About us

Best Price Funeral Directors provide a simple low cost, Eco friendly funeral service. Designed for people who are looking for a dignified, respectful funeral without all the fuss, pressure and expense that comes with more traditional funerals.

We know that often the deceased would not have wanted a costly funeral service and ceremony, but for those left behind grieving a memorial can be an important part of saying goodbye.

Our service provides you with a professional simple funeral at a cost effective price, leaving you to organise a personal memorial if required. We know from experience that worrying about funeral costs often causes more stress and additional grief in a time already full of sadness.

Best Price Funeral Directors offer a 24 hour service and we cover London and the surrounding areas.

We are a well established family business with many years of experience specialising in providing a personal, caring and always professional service.

Guaranteed to be lower then any written estimate.

Call John for immediate attention on 020 8363 4450 or email info@londonfuneraldirectors.com